Jump, and I’ll Catch You

Border medicine. Illegal immigration. Mentoring future healthcare professionals. Last week was a bit hectic.

But I would like to share one story that came into my life and touched me. This patient didn’t present to my team’s clinic, but to my friend, Allison’s, a second-year family practice resident from Fort Worth.

Here is the story of a mother who was a Mexican physician and radiologist, and her 8 year old daugher. (at least, the best I can render it after hearing it second-hand)

There was once a radiologist. We’ll call her Lily. She had a beautiful 8 year old daughter we’ll name Rosa. As the drug trade became less lucrative and the US DEA and Border Patrol more effective, drug cartels in Juarez turned to kidnapping and ransoming for income.

One day when Rosa was walking down the street, she was picked up and kidnapped by men in a van. Rosa was being held by a big man who had his big hand over her mouth. The van turned onto a busy highway and Rosa was very afraid. She knew they were probably going to kill her.

Suddenly she heard a voice beside her. It was an angel. How she knew it was an angel, she has no idea. The angel told her to bite the man that held her. Then he told her to open the van door. “Jump, and I’ll catch you,” was the sentence she heard from her invisible rescuer.

Rosa bit the man’s hand. He jumped back. She opened the van door and jumped. Into traffic. On the freeway. At highway speeds.

3 days later, Lily found Rosa in a coma in a local hospital. Alive.

Rosa is now 12, and a lovely patient at our clinic last week. She is very grateful to God and to her angelic rescuer.

What has He told you to do? Jump. He will catch you.


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